International Airports:
International Airports, Manila City, Cebu City and Iloilo City. From there, you can transfer to a domestic Airport to reach Negros Island. From Cebu City and Iloilo City, you can  transfer directly to Sipalay City Airport.
Domestic Airports:
New: Sipalay City Airport

On August 2, 2017, Air Juan opened an air strip at Sipalay City.

It is the domestic airport of Sipalay City ( recommended ) just some 14 km away from the Resort. Transfers from the Airport of Sipalay to the Resort can be arranged.
Duration by Taxi ; 30 Min.
You now can book connecting flights from Cebu International Airport to Sipalay vice versa.
Also, you can book flights to Iloilo and connecting flights to Puerto Princesa. ( Palawan )
Dumaguete Airport
It is the  domestic airport of Dumaguete in the south of the Island. Some 170 km away from Sipalay City. Transfers from Airport to the Resort can be arranged. Duration by Taxi ; 3 Hours.
Bacolod Silay Airport
It is the  domestic airport of Bacolod Silay in the north of the Island. Some 180 km away from Sipalay City. This is the biggest Airport of the Island with Arrival Docks. Transfers from the Airport to the Resort can be arranged. Duration by Taxi ; 4 Hours.
By Ferry:
Cebu or Tagbilaran

Travellers from Cebu can get a fast ferry via Tagbilaran ( Bohol ) to Dumaguete.
Boracay -  Iloilo -  Bacolod - Sipalay
From Boracay (Caticlan) you can get a Mini Van going to Iloilo. (5 hours trip, 400 Pesos) Upon arrival in Iloilo, you can get a fast ferry to Bacolod.
At the ferry pier in Bacolod, there’re Taxi’s going to the south terminal bus
and Mini Van station or you get a ride directly to the Resort.
Malapasqua - Bantayan Island - Negros - Sipalay
There is a ferry from Malapasqua to Bantayan Island. From Bantayan there’s an other ferry connection to Negros (Victorias).
From Victorias, you can ride a bus to Sipalay via Bacolod.
By Bus:
Buses from Bacolod leaving for Sipalay City every hour. (5 hours trip more or less, price 300 Pesos) Pls check for the sign board "Hinoba-an" or lately Sipalay. There are direct connection between Bacolod to Sipalay. There’re aircon buses available. Pls inquire at the terminal.

Ceres Bus
Ceres Liner Buses at the south terminal in Bacolod bounded to Sipalay
Cebu Passenger can also get a bus going to Bato (South Cebu) and cross over by ferry to Tampi (Negros). You can remain seated in the bus. From Tampi the bus is going to Dumaguete. (pls check buses from Dumaguete)
By Taxi or Mini Van from Bacolod to Sipalay:
At the Bacolod's bus south terminal along the highway, there are mini van's bounded to Sipalay. The drivers of those taxis waiting until the service is full with passengers. Then they will leave for a 3 hours journey to Sipalay for around 300 Pesos per person.
Taxis (Mini Van) at the south terminal in Bacolod bounded for Sipalay
By Motorbike ( Sidecar ) Tricycle
At the bus station in Sipalay City, many motorbike (Habalhabal) and Tricycle waiting for you going to ARTISTIC DIVING. A trip with a single motorbike (Habalhabal) to Punta Ballo cost app. Pesos 150 per Person. With the Tricycle, the fare will be Pesos 300 per trip. The trip will take 20 Minutes.
300 Pesos per Trip Sipalay to  ARTISTIC


Ceres Terminal in Sipalay

New road to Punta Ballo

Signboard along the road


We pick you up at Bacolod or Dumaguete airport with our service. A mini van, will bring you to Sipalay direct to our resort.
Price per trip; Pesos 4990